The Little Monster In My Bed


Bedtime around our house is, well, interesting.

My son has slept with my husband and I since day 1 and I love it.  The unfortunate side to this is that his bedtime is our bedtime.  That means no quiet time for us.  No unwinding and relaxing.

Our original plan was to have him with us or in a bassinet until he was sleeping through the night and then move him to his crib, but that didn’t work out.  The timing never seemed right so he stayed with us.

He is not much of a sleeper and never has been.  He takes two to three naps a day, everyday.  Sometimes for an hour or so and sometimes for only 15 minutes.  I spoke to his doctor about it hoping she had some secret that she could share.  Some way to get him to go to sleep at a reasonable time and stay asleep.

She cautioned that he “just may not be the type of baby who needs/wants a lot of sleep” but then suggested that we stop his early evening naps.  So we tried it and it didn’t work.

All we got out of that was a cranky baby who ended up falling asleep at a decent time (for a bedtime) but later woke up again and stayed awake until midnight or so.  That was definitely not going to work but we kept trying for about a week.  By the end of that week, we couldn’t take the missing sleep anymore so we let him have his early evening naps again.  That meant a nap around 5(ish) until 6 or so then bedtime around 10(ish), our bedtime.

I’ve also tried putting him in his crib at night to see if that would help him sleep better.  It didn’t.  I tried for days to try to get him used to his crib. He would sleep in it for a few hours but then was up, crying and would not settle down until I took him back to bed with me.

It’s funny to think about a king size bed being too small, but it is.  Our big kind sized has been taken over by a baby.  Nowadays, it’s bedtime as usual with a bottle around 3 am and then a wake up call around 5:30 am.

Apparently this is what they call a sleep regression??  The only unknown to this is how long it will last since it seems to be different for everyone.  Oh well, it is what it is.  Right?

I’m not going to force him to sleep in his crib if he doesn’t want to.  So what does that mean?  Well that means that mama has cute little feet digging into her ribs all night because he likes to sleep sideways.

This wonderfully energetic little monster is always welcome in our bed and this very tired mama is going to enjoy as much of it as possible because days like these won’t last long.

Does anyone have any Tylenol?


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