Hi!  My name is Shay Power and I live in Georgia with my wonderful husband, my sweet little boy, our 9 year old chihuahua and a baby girl on the way!  I love crafting and making things myself so I decided to start this site with sewing and DIY stuff that you can make too or purchase directly from me.  (All customers who order from this blog get a discount!). I will be posting anything from sewing projects to blog posts to anything else I come across and find interesting.

If you’re offended by certain language (curse words) than I’m sorry to say that I cannot guarantee that you won’t see those here.  My husband and I try to watch what we say around the house, due to our son repeating words, so it may come out here instead.  I find those words can really get your point across sometimes.   Also, please do not judge or parent shame here.  All comments, suggestions, questions, etc are welcome but anything that is offensive or seen as an attack towards another person will be deleted.

To conclude, be helpful and kind and you’re welcome to stay.  Enjoy the content and/or purchase items from me (Etsy shop coming soon).  Always feel free to suggest projects for me to post about and I’ll do my best to accommodate.