Gone so long…

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long.  Things have been busy and quite hectic here on the home front.

We Took a trip out of state to visit with some family that my son had not met yet.  When we returned home, I found out my great uncle lost his battle with cancer so we packed up again and headed south.  Then there was the sun room renovations…oh and we found out baby #2 is on the way!  The morning sickness was brutal, so I wasn’t up for blogging or doing projects at the time.  We have a few other things going on at the moment but I’m ready to pick up the blog again.  So here I am!

However, while I was away, I did do some thinking about what I would start once I did decide to open the computer and start this up again.  Things will be a little different this time.

I though a lot about what I really like to do and what I really wanted to share with the world (not that the world is actually reading this) and I realized that I love to sew.  To create brand new things from scratch.  Yes, I fail A LOT but once you get it and have a finished product that is exactly what you wanted…it’s a great feeling.

So along with the sewing/DIY projects, I will also post other stuff I am interested in or discover along the way.  Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten about the regular blog stuff too.  Where it all started for me.  You know, the normal life of being a mom blog and what it takes to care for my son and soon to be daughter.

Just be patient with me as I get things up and running.  I’ll post as often as I can!

Can we talk about breastfeeding for a moment?


This is a more serious toned topic and I know many people will disagree with what I have to say but I feel like it is not said enough.

Let me start off by saying…congratulations to all the moms out there who are able to successfully breastfeed their child as they want/planned.

To those who wanted to breastfeed but was unable to…I’m sorry.

To those who chose not to breastfeed at all…no judgement here and good for you for doing exactly what works best for you and your child.

Now on to the point of this post…

I am a new mom to a, as of today, 8 month old baby boy and I knew well before I was pregnant that I wanted to breastfeed for at least the first year of my child’s life.  But that didn’t work out the way I planned or hoped it would.

I know most, if not all, of the mothers out there have heard “breast if best” and I do not disagree with the many benefits that breastfeeding provides but I feel like we as a society do not respect those who can’t or do not want to breastfeed.  It’s sad to me.  As the saying goes “you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors”.  That’s true, you don’t.  So how can someone be judged for a decision they make for themselves and their family?

At the end of my pregnancy I remember watching videos and reading articles of mothers who were shamed because they were breastfeeding their baby in public.  It was outrageous and it literally scared me to think about having to feed my baby while we were out and about.  I certainly was not going to hide away in the unsanitary environment of a public bathroom.  I mean, who would want to eat in a public bathroom??  After he was born, I always had my husband run the errands so I didn’t have to worry about my baby getting hungry in public.  It made me sad but I breastfed anyway and stayed home while I did.

We had problems with it from the very beginning.  My son had a hard time latching on correctly and because of that, I literally bled trying to feed my baby.  I spoke with the pediatrician, my doctor, a lactation consultant, anyone I could think of that may be able to help.  No resolution was found.  It didn’t matter how much I worked with my son he just couldn’t do it so I pumped after each attempt.  I did everything right and we still had to supplement with formula.

Then, one day, we noticed blood in his stool.  Naturally, we were very concerned and took him a children’s urgent care center.  They tested his stool to confirm that it was in fact blood and then took an x-ray of his abdomen.  He had inflammation in his colon and was diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein allergy.  We were told to strictly feed him Similac Alimentum formula.  We then had a follow up appointment with the lactation consultant at his pediatrician’s office.  She told him to continue with the Alimentum and stop breastfeeding.  I was instructed to pump after every bottle feeding to keep my milk supply coming but to cut out all dairy in my diet.  After a week of no dairy I can continue the no dairy diet and breastfeed while supplementing with the Alimentum formula.  After 24 hours of being on the formula, my baby was happy again and there was no blood in his stool.  We were able to breathe and sigh of relief.

The relief did not last long though.  It seemed that everyday that I was pumping, my milk supply was decreasing.  DECREASING!  How could that be?  Again, I was doing everything right.  So when my baby turned one month old, I was no longer able to breastfeed.  And I was sad, again.

No one warns you how hard breastfeeding is.  No one warns you that it take work and practice.  No one warns you that even though it’s a natural act, the ability to do so does not come naturally.  So I was disappointed and I felt like a failure.  Like a bad mother.

I breastfed through many tears, from both my son and myself.  I stayed up nights pumping after every feeding and bottle my baby had.  I fed him with bloody and bruised breasts.  I did everything I could possibly do but my body still failed me.

Now my baby is exclusively bottle fed with formula.  Similac Alimentum to be exact because we can’t introduce anything else until he is 12 months old because of the severity of his allergy.  The sad part of this is that I was so worried to breastfeed in public because of the shaming I had read so much about and now I get stern looks from people anytime I pull out a bottle and begin mixing his formula.  Complete strangers judging me because I’m feeding my baby and the only response I have for people like that is…Shame on you.

My baby is happy and healthy.  He is right on track with all of his developmental milestones and even ahead with some of them.  If you ask me, that’s all that matters.

So let’s stop judging situations we know nothing about and start supporting each other as mothers.  As parents.  As a community.  We have young ones watching everything we do, let’s show them how to love each other.

The Little Monster In My Bed


Bedtime around our house is, well, interesting.

My son has slept with my husband and I since day 1 and I love it.  The unfortunate side to this is that his bedtime is our bedtime.  That means no quiet time for us.  No unwinding and relaxing.

Our original plan was to have him with us or in a bassinet until he was sleeping through the night and then move him to his crib, but that didn’t work out.  The timing never seemed right so he stayed with us.

He is not much of a sleeper and never has been.  He takes two to three naps a day, everyday.  Sometimes for an hour or so and sometimes for only 15 minutes.  I spoke to his doctor about it hoping she had some secret that she could share.  Some way to get him to go to sleep at a reasonable time and stay asleep.

She cautioned that he “just may not be the type of baby who needs/wants a lot of sleep” but then suggested that we stop his early evening naps.  So we tried it and it didn’t work.

All we got out of that was a cranky baby who ended up falling asleep at a decent time (for a bedtime) but later woke up again and stayed awake until midnight or so.  That was definitely not going to work but we kept trying for about a week.  By the end of that week, we couldn’t take the missing sleep anymore so we let him have his early evening naps again.  That meant a nap around 5(ish) until 6 or so then bedtime around 10(ish), our bedtime.

I’ve also tried putting him in his crib at night to see if that would help him sleep better.  It didn’t.  I tried for days to try to get him used to his crib. He would sleep in it for a few hours but then was up, crying and would not settle down until I took him back to bed with me.

It’s funny to think about a king size bed being too small, but it is.  Our big kind sized has been taken over by a baby.  Nowadays, it’s bedtime as usual with a bottle around 3 am and then a wake up call around 5:30 am.

Apparently this is what they call a sleep regression??  The only unknown to this is how long it will last since it seems to be different for everyone.  Oh well, it is what it is.  Right?

I’m not going to force him to sleep in his crib if he doesn’t want to.  So what does that mean?  Well that means that mama has cute little feet digging into her ribs all night because he likes to sleep sideways.

This wonderfully energetic little monster is always welcome in our bed and this very tired mama is going to enjoy as much of it as possible because days like these won’t last long.

Does anyone have any Tylenol?

Unclogging the Pipes


My kiddo and his body are changing so much!

He is now 7 months old and he is scooting around, army style, and trying to figure out how to move forward on his knees.  He gets up there, hands and knees ready, but hasn’t figured out yet that he has to move his hands/arms with his knees/legs.  It’s quite adorable to watch though.  Sweet boy.

Well for the past week, something else has been changing.  His poop.

Instead of the baby stuff that’s usually all over the inside of the diaper, it has become more solid and is coming in smaller amounts.  He seems perfectly fine otherwise.  He isn’t fussy (well no more than normal) and doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable so normally I wouldn’t worry but it’s been a week since he has had a normal BM (bowel movement).  So I called the doctor’s office today.  He isn’t “suffering” right now, but I don’t want it to get that far either.

While speaking to the advice nurse, who said these kinds of changes are usually normal for a baby his age, we discussed his symptoms.  She wanted to make sure that his abdomen was not bloated or hard and that he was not running a fever or had any other concerning symptoms.

I told her that I tried giving him baby apple juice as the doctor as suggested before when he was backed up but that didn’t work.  I tried coconut water but that didn’t work either.  She said that stuff wouldn’t work because his rectal tract (or something like that) needed to be cleaned out and the juices wouldn’t do that.  So she suggested giving him a glycerin suppository, which is just glycerin and saline.  Perfectly safe.

Umm, you want me to put what where?

“Oh and they don’t come in baby sizes”, she said.

Okay, so if a glycerin suppository is what he needs to make sure all this backed up poo won’t cause him any issues, then that’s what we will do.

Thankfully, no prescription is required and it can be found at almost any pharmacy.  So I hoped in the car with my backed up baby boy and headed to the pharmacy down the road.

The only brand they had available is called Fleet.  They had different quantity counts available.  I was looking at them, not sure what to do.  It’s a little unnerving thinking about putting something in that area of your baby.  Especially something that is sized for adults.  Then I saw it.

Fleet Pedia-Lax Liquid Glycerin Suppositories

These things make giving your baby a suppository so easy.  All the directions are on the box, there is no insert.  So make sure you don’t throw the box away before you have used the suppositories.  As it says in the name, they are liquid, so you do loss some of it while administering it.  But because there is a little more in the applicator than in regular suppositories, it won’t hurt anything.  The package says that you don’t need the full amount for it to take effect.

The applicator was smaller in diameter than a normal suppository and it is already lubricated for easy use.  There is a “safety collar” on it as well that prevents over insertion.

The box says it should work within an hour but I was surprised to find that it worked in less than 15 minutes.

This is truly a great product and I will continue to use it in the future.  Let’s just hope I don’t have to.